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With over 20 million Americans suffering from Type 2 diabetes, medications like Actos—designed to treat this condition—will continue to penetrate the market. But not every drug is effective without a price. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January of 2011 added Actos to its watch list to further examine its side effects.

If you have experienced any adverse health complications associated with Actos, speak to a Georgia Actos injury attorney at once to discuss the validity of your claim.

Risk of Bladder Cancer

Drug Recall Attorneys

The preliminary results from a long-term observational study revealed that patients who had the longest exposure to Actos, along with the highest cumulative dosage, exhibited an increased risk for developing bladder cancer.

Although there has not been a formal recall of Actos, the drug Avandia, which is similar in composition, has been pulled from the European and New Zealand markets. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a public warning that Actos may increase the risk of bladder cancer, particularly in patients who have used this medication for 12 months or longer.

Other Side Effects

In the past, drugs similar to Actos, such as Avandia, have caused severe heart issues, and even contributed to patient deaths.

Other side effects of Actos have included:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Increased risk of congestive heart failure
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling in the extremities

Recent Lawsuit Filings

In August of 2011, the first of potentially thousands of lawsuits were filed against Actos’ manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, citing a connection between the drug and bladder cancer. In order to file a product liability claim, you must be able to prove that Actos directly caused your injury. Therefore, it is important to contact a Georgia defective drug attorney to help you determine how to move forward.

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